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The Business of Speaking is a full-service consultancy dedicated to helping change-makers launch and scale their speaking business.  We specialize in helping change-makers make speaking a successful part of their business.  We exist to make sure that stories are told with impact and connect emotionally. 

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blankMark Guay
Storyteller. Previously at CMASAS.
Making an Impact

Words cannot express how much impact his speech carried. Students, staff, and families all said listening to Tim speak was a highlight of their experience. His words and stories are uplifting, poignant, and conveyed a message that empowered our students to live life to the fullest. Our students came from all over the world, yet Tim was able to speak directly to each student, showing them how their individual life will make an impact.

blankKatherine Krieger
Former National Director, Communications at Jefferson Awards Foundation
Leading With Heart

Tim’s energy and passion were infectious. He even had the quietest kids raising their hands to participate, actively engaging each other with how to co-create the world they want to live in. It was inspiring to see so many young people following Tim’s example of leading with their hearts.

blankJulie Bondo Gravesen
Former Innovator at Datagraf
Dynamic and Inspiring

Tim was extremely dynamic and inspiring. He created an atmosphere of trust and playfulness that lasted the rest of the day – and his speech was considered among the very best by the attendees.

blankMonica Mistretta
Owner, Netmedia
Leadership Beyond Words

Tim is a truly inspirational person, not just a speaker. He is kind and generous, so his message about leadership through building confidence goes beyond just a speech.

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