Getting Paid to Speak with Orly Amor

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Orly Amor only spoke for free once. But she’s more often than not been the only paid speaker among many which has lead her to helping other public speakers and entrepreneurs create their business model for public speaking. The one free speaking event allowed her to see the impact you can have when speaking and now has a goal of impacting 200 million people around the world by 2025. 

Orly’s story is not one of an overnight success. She spent 12-16 per day making calls and sending emails in front of her computer for 3 straight months without booking one client. She learned the hard way. Never giving up and always changing the script until she started getting positive responses. 

Other insights in this episode of The Business of Speaking:

  • You never know who’s life you are going to change when you share your story
  • You don’t know what you don’t know 
  • There are 64,000 events in North America every day
  • The speaking business used to be a shark eat shark industry – today there are coaches and mentors that can cut your learning by 1/2 or 2/3 
  • A speaking business is a business – it takes a lot of work and patience
  • Never give up – No matter what state stay the course

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Who is Orly Amor?

Business Coach for Public Speakers and Entrepreneurs, Public Speaker, Networking Expert, and Bestselling Author

Orly is a successful entrepreneur who has started five companies. As a corporate trainer, bestselling author, and international public speaker she has helped over 200,000 entrepreneurs around the world maximize their bottom line by tripling and
quadrupling their sales.

Orly Amor always enjoyed speaking and helping people change their lives and impact their
circle of influence wherever they go. She was in Property Management for 25 years where she
quickly established herself as a Subject Matter Expert; publishing two books on the subject and
speaking on numerous occasions, but she did not feel that she was having an impact.

In 2006, Orly was asked to speak at a women’s shelter on her life experiences and originally declined the invitation. After being invited several times she finally relented and agreed to speak. It was there she met a woman who wanted to end her life. After hearing Orly speak the woman decided to live and asked Orly to support her. This was the impact Orly was looking for.

Since then, Orly dedicated her life to impacting the lives of 200,000,000 people by helping them
realize their own mission-based goals and dreams. Her extensive experience as a Certified
Behavioral Analyst has made her indispensable as a coach to many influential corporate leaders.

Orly speaks three languages fluently and has earned her MBA and Law Degree. Despite the
impressive education and success as a business woman, Orly remains remarkably humble, authentic and a very engaging speaker.

In addition to being a great public speaker herself, and a great networker for the past ten years, she has helped Public Speakers and Entrepreneurs create their Business Model for Public Speaking. Her gift is to show them how to monetize their craft by taking it seriously and having what she calls “Business in A Box for Public Speakers.” Thereby teaching them how to fish.

Orly recently Published a Book called ‘Public Speakers, You’re Not All That’ – 12 Reasons Why
Event Planners Won’t Hire You, that became an instant Bestseller. Now available on amazon.
In a Nutshell, Orly Amor Delivers!



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You can find Orly Amor on her website and email her at Orly at or by calling or texing Orly at 917-515-6803.


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Orly Amor Getting Paid to Speak with money in background

Below is the full transcript from the show with Ayelet Baron. Please note that there may be some errors as it was auto transcribed using (referral link that provides us with a 1-month Premium Pass

Tim McDonald 0:03
All right, well welcome everybody to the business of speaking show. I am your host, Tim McDonald, and today joined by my special guest, Orly Amor. How’re you doing?

Orly Amor 0:13
I’m great. Thank you for having me.

Tim McDonald 0:15
Oh, no, I’m so glad to have you here and can’t wait to dive into your story a little bit more. But, you know, just to set the stage for anybody watching, you know, the business speaking show is not really a show that we feature speakers, and what they talk about on the stage, but really about how they got started on their journey to the stage, what they’ve learned along the path to get being on the stage. And so if you are thinking about getting involved in a speaker, you know, you are a speaker, just getting going and want to really grow your career, or as 2020 has taught us, no matter what we think we know about what’s happening, things can change on an instance notice. So it’s really for anybody in the speaking industry or interested in the speaking industry, but really geared towards those either thinking about getting started, or just getting started. So with that, before we dive into the beginning of your story, why don’t you tell us a little bit about, you know, what your career looks like? Now, what you talk about some of the major accomplishments that you’ve had?

Orly Amor 1:19
Well, that’s a loaded question. But thank you for asking. Well, a lot of things have happened. And I know as much as not everybody has been ready for what happened with COVID. This year, I got busier, on on the speaking circuit as virtually as well, as I published a book in 2019, called public speakers, you’re not all that 12 reasons why event planners won’t hire you, I had interviewed 3400 event planners that pay speakers for that book. So it’s a major accomplishment. And it can help everyone in anyone today and tomorrow and for many years to come. And I’ve also spoken virtually to an event that was International, that was really cool. It was a nine and a half hour event. And it was in 115 countries and 30 million people were watching. So I feel like that’s a big accomplishment. And I mean, it’s been just an amazing journey, meeting a lot of speakers who are getting out there, and just really amazing stuff is happening. So I’m closer to my goal of impacting the lives of 200 million people around the planet by 2025. So I’m really excited about that.

Tim McDonald 2:36
That is wonderful and amazing. So congrats on everything that you’re doing, and getting closer to that goal.

Orly Amor 2:44
Oh, purpose.

Tim McDonald 2:47
So tell us, you know, now that we know kind of where you’re at and what you’ve You know, you’re done and where you’re heading. Tell us how did this all start for you? How did you get involved in actually speaking?

Orly Amor 2:59
Well, I was in property management for a very long time. And I was already speaking in that realm. And I never really wanted to tell my personal story. And one day, my girlfriend asked me to speak at a woman’s shelter. And I said, Well, what do you want me to speak about I? There’s nothing I could speak to these people about them in property management. She said, Well, I want you to come and tell your story. Long story short, she was after me for about three weeks. And finally I relented, and I spoke at this woman’s shelter. A few months later, I had her I had hired a coach, because motivational speaking was not my thing. I was following Tony Robbins and other people, but it was for my own healing and my own growth, not to speak. And it was very funny and not funny. But Haha, kind of funny. It was more the fact that I met a woman that wanted to end her life that day. And after hearing me speak, she decided to live and asked me to show her how that’s when I realized the power of sharing your own story. And just to sharing with you where I have been, or where my story is, in 18 seconds or less. I know we’re pressed for time. But I was a big enough child that was molested four times before the age of 14, I was raped three times before the age of 22. Twice gang raped nine months left for dead nine months apart. Also, I was married to a very abusive husband. And as a result of all that I had four abortions and gained a moment more than the amount of weight I was 428 pounds with my heaviest. So to say the least I did not have any worse or better story than anyone that was in that audience. And that’s why I didn’t feel like sharing my story was a big deal. And so then I realized how powerful is it to share our story. And in that act of sharing their contribution. You just never know whose life you’re going to change. And then I realized my real mission in life is to impact people’s lives and share with the world. So that’s where it’s at. If you will, I wanted to just do that for the rest of my life.

Tim McDonald 5:05
Now, that is so amazing. And I believe in that so much myself about the power of story and how we share our own and how it can impact others. So it’s great that you had that moment. I’m kind of curious, I’m guessing, I don’t want to I hate it, you know, assuming things but I’m guessing that that speaking gig probably didn’t pay you.

Orly Amor 5:28
That speaking gig did not pay me. And but we talked but I was always paid on the property management side. And then I got I got certified as a behavior analyst, and I was teaching networking in corporations. And I was also teaching in corporations how to close the deal 98% of the time through profiling. So that was my those are more my biggest topics. And then mindset mastery became another topic. And for those I’ve always been paid. So for many, many years, I have always been paid to speak until 2010. I was invited to speak in Arlington, Texas. And I’m, by the way, I have been to 26 countries, 18 states, and I’ve always been paid to speak. So this is a journey of where I ended up speaking in Arlington, Texas. And it was a big convention, a business convention. And these three speakers came over to me in the break room for speakers. And they just said, aren’t you Orly Amor? I said, Yes. Do I know you? I’m sorry. I don’t remember. They said, No, we we never met before, but we’ve seen you on the circuit. I said, Oh, okay, great. So we just introduced ourselves started networking, and at 1.1 of them said to me, I’m just curious, how did you get this gig? I said, I don’t know. I called I told them what I speak about, they paid me and I’m here. They all looked at me. Like if I had three heads, you got paid off like, oops, um, you guys didn’t. They said, No, we got our expenses paid. But we net we didn’t get paid. I said, Oh, no, no, I got paid. And I got my expenses paid. And they said, Well, we want to know how you did that. And jokingly I sorted Tim, I didn’t even know what to say. But jokingly I said, Well, you know, if I tell you, I’m going to have to charge you. But I was just kidding. And before I could say Just kidding. We said okay, maybe your price. And I’m like what? Let me get back to you on that. Because I have no idea what you’re talking about. What do you mean, you didn’t get paid? I was so upset, actually. Because I am more about a fairness. And I didn’t know until them you know, you don’t know what you don’t know. Until that moment. I did not know that speakers did not get paid. That was my What? What do you mean? Do it like aha moments, right. And when I went home from that event, I realized there’s a problem in this industry. And I sat down and I wrote what is called today the business in a box for public speakers, because I did not know that people did not get paid.

Tim McDonald 8:01
Wow. Oh, as somebody who started my speaking career, almost 11 years ago, I have done my fair share of not getting paid speaking, especially in the early days.

Orly Amor 8:17
And there’s so many like that. And some of them are told not to not to get paid in the beginning of their career. I don’t believe that. I’m sorry to say it that way. But I don’t believe that it’s a myth. There’s a few myths out there. I just don’t I believe that if you have a message, somebody is willing to pay for it. A few statistics, it’s 100 billion dollar a year industry. Why wouldn’t you get paid 64,000 events a day in America alone, Canada and the United States pay speakers every single day? And they did not vanish? Because of covid 19. So where did they go? Right? Everybody’s probably asking that question.

Tim McDonald 8:58
Well, let’s get back to that. But I’m kind of curious. Because I’m, I just want to make sure I understand the timeline here. You were in property management. And you did give some talks and and, and so but those weren’t, they were paid. But were you getting paid as the property manager and your salary or getting paid with the from the events that you were speaking at?

Orly Amor 9:19
No, I was paid from the events that I was speaking at. So I had a company for property management, but it was I had employees and so that was taken care of, then I was being called by different associations all over the country. That’s how I did the 18 states because people knew who I was. And I changed the law in the state of Florida. I mean, I did many amazing things in the property management field, that I was being called to speak in different places. And I wrote a couple of books on the subject matter and yeah, so no, I was being paid very handsomely. Thank you.

Tim McDonald 9:52
Well, that’s good. That’s great. Um, so I’m just kind of curious when you know, how did you get that first opportunity to To speak on, you know, back in those days, I mean, what was it like? And I mean, did you search it out? Knowing that’s what you wanted to do? Or was? Did somebody just come to you and say, Hey, we’d really like you to come speak or leave?

Orly Amor 10:12
So that’s a great question. Because many people say, used to ask me to follow me for one day. And I would tell them that that would be the most boring day of their life in the old days, because in the old days, we had to pick up the phone and call cold call. So I used to sit at my, at my desk, almost 12 to 16 hours a day making phone calls cold calling, and emailing. I mean, it was all very old stuff. You know, I mean, really old computers, we used to use Lotus 123. In the days that I started speaking, do you know how old I am? 53. So

Tim McDonald 10:49
I remember that, too. So I think we’re in the same room.

Orly Amor 10:54
Nice. So, um, you know, in the, in those days, it was a lot harder to find gigs. But there were also fewer speakers. Things have changed. But yes, I had to do it myself manually and find out everything by myself. In the beginning, it was very, very challenging, because I had to learn everything on my own, nobody would teach you nobody would share their information in you know, just like they used to call corporate world, you know, sharks, the shark, you know, being sharks in corporate? Well, it was it’s the same in any event wasn’t the same in every industry, nobody would share their information. Nobody would help you in anything you want to make you want to make it in this business good. Go find out how to do it by yourself, nobody’s going to help you. It’s not like today, when we have coaches and mentors and people, you can actually help you learn the, you know, cut the curving the learning curve in half or two thirds, etc.

Tim McDonald 11:57
So how did you know before you started making those calls for 12-16 hours a day? I mean, how did you know this was what you wanted to do?

Orly Amor 12:05
Um, I fell in love with public speaking. I think in the beginning, it was more of an ego thing. I just enjoyed the rush of being on a stage and, and, and enjoying people coming afterwards and telling me how great they are, how important it was that they came and how, how much they got out of it, or how good I did. It was fun to hear that it was beating it was boosting my morale. Because, you know, in property management, especially, I used to get off the stage and like, Oh, Mr. Moore, we have problems in our associations or not in our board of directors, there’s always one person that doesn’t do doesn’t want to vote and doesn’t want to do and Bob, I was always problems, problems, problems. And then I go to this women’s shelter, and everybody’s hugging me and thanking me for coming. It was such a culture shock that I was like, No, I think I like the hugs better. I think I like that. The people hugging me and thanking me for coming and sharing. I think I want to do that more. There was just bad really, that I knew that I wanted to be in front of a crowd. I like to sing. So I was like, okay, public speaking just gives you the same height, I think I’m gonna like enjoy this too.

Tim McDonald 13:18
Now, that’s, that’s wonderful. And I’m just kind of curious. I mean, you make it sound like it, you know, it was obviously a lot of work. But it You make it sound like it was just so natural and easy for you to kind of get these gigs, obviously, by making all these calls. Can you give us an idea about you know, what was the process like from when you first started making those calls to actually getting, you know, speaking gigs and, you know, really feeling the results of what you were looking to achieve?

Orly Amor 13:50
I would tell you that the first three months, I just wanted to shoot myself. Because at the end of the three months, I did not get anything, I was really just making a lot of calls and a lot of people would not get back to you and a lot of people will, you know will say oh, well how long have you been speaking and I would have to say a year you know, it was very hard. In the beginning. I didn’t know what to say. And I didn’t know how to talk and I didn’t know how to deal with rebuttals. So it was everything to learn as you go. Okay, so next time Let me try this thing or let me try this script. And let me tell you so it’s, it’s like you you you know, you’re a friend of mine really likes it. His name is Benji, he likes to to talk about the boxer in the ring. You know, like if he ever started just boxing. He would learn after having a black guy how to move his head so he doesn’t get another black guy right. Basically, you learn as you go, but learning the hard way. This is what happened to me. I learned how to tweak my script how to how to deal with rebuttals, how to answer positively how to build those relationships and how to never close the door and never hang up saying Oh, okay, thank you. Bye bye. No, it wasn’t never thank you. When, when, when is your next event? What can I How can I get on your list? How can I? How can I continue this conversation and I have to basically just ask the questions and being vulnerable with these events lenders, so that I can learn from them instead of being the beggar for a gig. And that is how I learned and how I tweaked. So the first three months of 12 to 16 hours a day, were many, many calls where I did not even know what I was doing. But after a while, I got some gigs. And I did get some gigs during those three months, but they were for later. So now what, and then I didn’t ask for the deposit. And I didn’t ask for certain things. And then they would ask me for something and I didn’t have it. And when I sent it, it wasn’t in the right format. And oh, my goodness, then I was, Oh, well, what do I do now? Like, where do I get that? And so it took a while. And so when people now ask me to show them or do it for them? It’s like, Okay, do you understand how much work goes into? Right? I mean, not sure I learned it overnight. It didn’t take long at all. No, it was a lot of work. And so this business is really a business. And that’s what people need to understand. Really, it does take a while. And you got to have patience, though. Because I’m sorry, I’m gonna say it this way, but you don’t sleep with every person you meet. You know, you don’t go on a first date and say, Okay, well, unless it’s your thing. But at the end of the day, you got to build that relationship, the know, like trust and, and get to know people a little better on a on a deeper level before you get into this relationship, that it’s your friendship even right? You don’t call everybody your friend, because they’re not you don’t know anything about them. So it’s the same principle.

Tim McDonald 16:52
Well, I so appreciate you opening up and sharing that because I am not a believer in an easy button that everybody has this overnight success. And I, I want people to understand that there’s work that goes into this. I’m kind of curious about your mindset, though. Because three months of 12 to 16 hours a day of making calls, how did you go through each day and get up the next day and say, This is what I’m gonna do again, and again, and again.

Orly Amor 17:27
buckling down is not easy. Not even for me, I’m ADHD, like, I need to get up and do and, and I lived in a beautiful house that has a pool. And the fridge was not far, it wasn’t the hardest thing I’ve ever live in Florida. So you can only imagine how much I wanted to go outside by the pool. Um, and I say I say this with love, because you understand now how even harder it was. You see, I live in Brooklyn now. So it’s easier to say, Oh, yeah, sure. I don’t want to go outside. But it was in a very beautiful place. And I will tell you that you have to have a focused mission. And my focused mission was to impact people’s lives. If it wasn’t for my mission, then I don’t think I would have made it. I’m like, do I really want to do this? How badly do you want this early every morning? How badly do you want to get on stages early? How badly do you want this early? I have to talk to myself every day in the mirror. So do you want to do this? You’re sure you want to do this? Are you sure? How Sure. are you today? How are you sure? Is it 90%? Is it 80%? You better get to 100 really quickly or else you’re not gonna sit in that chair. And I used to really talk to me, this is how I used to mindset talk to myself. Yeah, like people talk to me and say, you talk to yourself. Yeah, I talk to myself, I like to talk to someone intelligent for a change. I’m just kidding. But you know, like, of course, I’m going to tell myself that you better buckle down. You can’t be any better a coach than yourself. Because you can have 100 coaches right now, and you should have coaches. But at the end of the day, you’re the only one that’s gonna push yourself out of bed and get ready for the day. Oh, and by the way, I never worked in my pajamas. I never I got up, I did the shower. I got dressed. My hair was done makeup on beautiful clothes on, like, and I sat at the chair, like if I was going to an office. And I didn’t like every day was like, Okay, is there a camera following me? I do that for other projects that even today, if I have a project, I’ll get up and do exactly that and feel like there’s a camera following me. What if I was on TV for 24 hours? What would they say? What would they see? Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing for my goals? And that’s how I treated myself every single day. It was hard. I’m not going to tell you it was easy. That’s for sure. It was not. It was a battle every day. It’s a going on diet. Oh mg. I mean I lost 230 pounds. I get value. It was like doing that. It was like, oh, Lord, every day, it’s a, it’s a struggle. It’s it’s a, it’s a commitment. It’s a big commitment to yourself, it’s even worse, because it’s a commitment to yourself, you can actually cheat anytime you like, you can do whatever, whenever nobody’s You know, there’s not a clock on you. There’s no Boss, I didn’t have a boss. You know, I didn’t need to do it. If I didn’t want to, I could have just not done it. I had the money to sustain myself. I mean, basically, if I wanted to do just go back to property management, but I said no, no, no, don’t want to go to property management ever again. No, no, no, I don’t want to work. That was work. Imagine that. That was work, instead of sitting at a computer for 12 to 16 hours and making phone calls. That was not work. Oh, boy, I had to really convince myself this is it? That’s that’s the fashion, you know?

Tim McDonald 20:53
Well, I know, you mentioned that. A lot of this, especially when you first started was you having to learn on your own because there wasn’t additional resources out there. along your path. Have you found other resources or other ways that you can learn from others and, you know, take ideas and continually kind of evolve and improve your business.

Orly Amor 21:18
Um, the time that I was already successful, and by successful is multiple, six figures in this business, I had people coming to me. So the resources were just, if you will have already cut the learning curve. So I already reduced my 12 to 16 hours to about two hours a day. So at that point, I didn’t feel like I needed other resources. What I, when I really say to people is now that there’s resources, there’s everywhere resources. But what is not available until today is your commitment to this business. It is a business. And thinking of it as a business, Tim is I’d like to give the analogy of a store like you and I are best friends, right. And we have an amazing friend who’s a real estate agent, and she found us the best location for our brick and mortar store. So we’re going to need the the key to the front door, we’re going to need the Hours of operation on the door, we’re going to need the name of the store on top of the door. When we go inside, we might need an alarm system or a camera system a cash register one of those computers iPads for for processing credit cards, we’re going to need insurance and maybe a liability insurance, a bank account, and we’re gonna hire a bookkeeper because you and I don’t like to do that job. Okay. But did I tell you what we’re selling? No. That’s the business of public speaking because the product is you. So if you don’t have the commitment to your own store, are you going to open every day? Are you going to open it for two hours? Three hours, four hours? What do you What’s your operating hours? Really? So if that’s that’s the business side, if you if you don’t understand that you will never make it in this business? Because that commitment is daily, not? Oh, I don’t know. I feel like doing it today. Maybe tomorrow? Or maybe they’ll call me. Yeah, no, not today. People won’t call you. Weird. You know what I mean? It’s, it has shifted so much. 10 years before COVID. And now completely. So 180?

Tim McDonald 23:24
Well, I know we’re kind of wrapping up on our time here. But one question I love asking it and I I’m really interested in what you would have to say on this is knowing what you know. Now, if you could go back to yourself when you first started. What’s one piece of advice that you would give your younger self?

Orly Amor 23:45
Never give up… Never give up. No matter what state stay the course. stay in your lane. stay the course. Because there’s a lot of naysayers and a lot of people that say what are you doing? Are you crazy? No. So many people say to me, come out with us. Go you never come out with us. You never come for a drink. You never come to you. You’re not even coming to my birthday lab, blah, blah. And I’m like, No, I’m sorry, I got to work. I got to work. I got to work whether I had a boss, no boss, whatever. I had to stay the course or else because those people will not live my dreams. Give me my dreams, you know, so just stay the course and stay focused. Never give up.

Tim McDonald 24:23
Oh, fantastic. Thank you so much early and please let our watchers know how they can get in touch with you where they can find you.

Orly Amor 24:34
All right. Basically Orly Amor dot com. Very simple. That’s my website, And they can also email me at Orly at, and my phone number is right there so 917-515-6803 and they can text call anytime.

Tim McDonald 24:53
I love that you give your phone number out to I’m a big believer in that myself. Well, and if you’re watching, I just want to let you know that even though we’re going to end the youtube broadcast, Orly is agreed to stay on with me and record one additional question and that question won’t ever be found on YouTube. But it will be found if you sign up for our newsletter if you go to speaking dot business and just sign up for our weekly newsletter. This is exclusive content that only goes out to our email subscribers. So we hope to see you there. Thank you for watching and thank you for joining us Orly.

Orly Amor 25:32
Thank you for having me.


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